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Beach Bum Movie starring Matthew McConaughey (Feature Roles)
Casting Beach Bum movie starring Matthew McConaughey, will be filming in Miami & Key west for 6 weeks beginning Nov 6, 2017. Submit asap. Roles listed inside. Pay Rate SAG Scale
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Begins on: Mon 06 November , 2017 Location: Miami/Key West , Florida , United States


A rich 22 year old caucasian daughter of the lead actor. Her screw up dad almost ruins her dream wedding


Pudgy faced literary agent who loves to golf in his. wears crazy golf outfits. Think Bill Hayer, Adam Sandler


The rich wifes lawyer who informs the screw up pot head husband he was left nothing in the family fortunate until he gets his act together. can be male or female

Cuban Maid

old cuban woman, smokes cigars, speaks spanish and dresses a little whacky


Male. No -nonsense judge


Male. Well dressed reporter

Homeless Phil

Homeless guy


Narly looking Rasta with heavy accent, plays the drums, smokes weed

Register Guy

Guy that works as gas station clerk


shady armed robber that after he robs moondog realizes who he is and is a fan.

Tuba Player

Large man that sits on the Pier playing the Tuba. Must be able to play Tuba and also able to swim because he ends up in the water

Nude Masseuse

woman giving moondog a happy ending rub down

Sexy Latina

thick legged latina woman that ends up having sex with moondog in a bathroom stall

Heather's Groom

Heathers adoring husband. Thinking Ivy league prep type

Jose the Pool guy

polite pool boy

Guard 1 & 2

2 stone faces guards outside snoop dog's yacht

Prostitute 1 & 3

playful friendly prostitutes

Tourist Family

mom, dad, teenager and 2 kid family that goes on a crazy shark spotting tour with cooky boat tour captain

Pulitzer Award Announcer


Fireworks Owner

Male. owns fireworks shop in keywest

Topless Woman

topless women hanging making out with moon dog on his house boat in key west.

Carlito the toothless bartender

friendly toothless bartender in rundown key west bar

Various background extras

*every day people *every day tourist & families *posh wedding guest *old school burn-out types (weed heads, old hippies, key west retirees *Rastas *sexy woman *passer-byers on the street *bar patrons

Female Drug Counselor

Female / Featured / All Ethnicities / age 35 - 48 Stereotypical drug counselor @ a rehab center

Male Drug Counselor

Male / Featured / All Ethnicities / age 35 - 48 Extra Muscular drug rehab counselor @ a rehab center

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