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The director of the legendary movie "Shottas," Cess Silvera, through his Lucky Bastard Media imprint has teamed up with Baller Alert to produce original content. This project is a scripted tv series called Bottle Girls. It will be shot on location in Miami. See breakdown below and submit asap. If your look fits any of the roles you will be called in to audition on Friday November 3rd 2017. If you are out of state you can submit a self tape audition but must be willing to book as a local in Miami if selected. Paid Gig.
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Begins on: Wed 01 November , 2017 Location: Miami Beach , Florida , United States


Laura early 20's exotic beauty, beautiful chocolate skin, exudes sex appeal


Marcy mature, beautiful, shapely, caucasian, blonde. The boss b**** type


Aimee 20ís - 30ís, Bi-racial, very sexy


Sal 40's handsome, very debonair and smooth. Sal is the club promoter


Jenny 20's very attractive bottle girl, any ethnicity


Phil Phil the promoter aka doorman at the club


Ruben 30's- 50's overweight, big spender. Ruben is a regular at the club that spends lots of money.


Rebbie party girl, sexy, tall , long legged model type


Sly party girl, sexy, model type, drop dead gorgeous. Hispanic 20's- 30's

Washed up strippers

2 washed up strippers caucasian- 40's they type that should have retired years ago but still work in the club barely making any money

Rowdy red neck

Rowdy red neck age 40's

Red neck's sidekick

Red neck's sidekick age 30's


Bouncer strip club bouncer any ethnicity


Waitress old waitress age 50's- 60's


DJ real DJ


Truckers male-typical trucker types

Strip club Patrons (background)

Strip club Patrons (background) male, female, various ethnicities


Pastor AA male age 50's. whooping and hollering pastor

Church congregation (background)

Church congregation (background) church goers. All ages all ethnicities, majority AA church goers


Jeff Laura's husband- attractive man in his 30's


Shara Laura's beautiful 5 yr old daughter

Bottle girls ( background)

Bottle girls ( background) sexy bottle girls various ethnicities

Club Doorman

Club Doorman age 40's, wearing suit

Buff Bodyguard

Buff Bodyguard Ruben's personal bodyguard

Ruben's entourage (background)

Ruben's entourage (background) guys that hang around with Ruben everywhere he goes

Club goer's (background)

Club goer's (background) male and female all ethnicities

Carter Billings

Carter Billings Carter is a drunk annoying club patron- the male groupie type trying anxiously to get Ruben's attention at the club

Carter Billings female companion

Carter Billings female companion female at the club with Carter

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